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BPM info sheet appliances store

Appliances are regulated goods. Advertising of sales of appliances is covered by commercial and consumer law.

Sales of appliances are what are called 'occasional' sales. People don't buy these things on a regular basis, and promotion is based on turning over stock and advertising new stock.

Information sheets are an effective way of keeping your customers up to date on your stock, and are effective in house promotional materials, as well as being suitable for letter drops, etc.

As business promotion, the sheets also function as 'visibility' for your business. Advertising costs can be prohibitive, and not viable for small businesses. Because of the nature of your business, you need to be seen by your market.

Your sales points are:

  • Prices
  • Appliance features
  • New stock

This example is based on the retailer's desire to move old stock. The offers are designed to sell, and he's doing a bit of advance promotion for some new stock which the manufacturer is advertising heavily on TV. You'll notice that the real emphasis is on prices, which are the main selling point.

BELLS ELECTRICAL Shop 14, Anywhere Shopping Mall
Phone 2234 4554
Email: fred@bellselectrical.com


Hicrust 4 slice Toasters     $19.95
Hicrust Toaster ovens       $49.95
Simsung Microwaves        $39.95
Simsung Heaters               $8.95
Tuffany Kettles                 $9.95
Dawson mini vacuums       $29.95


The top of the range Pinosonic Steam Cleaner will be arriving in store in February. This is the 'Cleaners Dream' as seen on the Shopping Channel, the all in one cleaning unit for your home.


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