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Accountant small business promo letter

Accountants are sometimes required to be specialists and sometimes generalists. The fact is that the job relates to what the client wants done.

When advertising, it's advisable to specify what services you provide. That way you stick to your own preferences, and don't commit yourself to doing work which you may not want.

Small businesses are bread and butter clients for accountants. Because they're a very diverse group, you need to be familiar with the types of small business.

You need to know their business as well as they do.

When you advertise your services, you must deliver those services.

Do NOT advertise to businesses where you're not sure of your statutory requirements for the industry.

As a simple example, we've done a letter from an accountant to the local retailers. This particular accountant is a retail specialist, and is very well equipped to do all the basic accounts work for local shopkeepers.


Business letterhead


Our reference

Attention, CEO (Name of business)

7 day Accountancy Services Inc.

We're retail specialists, working with a lot of local businesses in the Anywhere area for the last 10 years.

We can provide all your accountancy services, 7 days a week.

We offer a full service, everything from creating your accounts to doing your annual statements for the taxman.

We also provide a few services other accountants don't offer:

Full backup of all your data.

Advisory services:

  • Cost analyses
  • Financial projections
  • Budget analyses

Accountancy software systems consultancy and training for your staff, including formal testing and accreditation on systems like MYOB.

We're happy to discuss any specific needs you have for your business.

Please contact us on the above phone number if you have any queries or need more information.

Yours sincerely



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