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Antique dealer promo letter and simple feedback sheet example

Antique dealers have both an advantage and a disadvantage in relation to other businesses.

They have to find specialist buyers and are specialist buyers themselves.

They have a different relationship with their customers, who can sometimes also be suppliers, if they're collectors. Any promotional materials sent to customers need to deal with the dual roles involved.

Antique dealers need to create an information supply for their customers and themselves. The usual list is of collectors, other dealers, and specialist agencies, who also supply them with information. Some collectors are actually also antique dealers themselves, some work in specialist areas, and a very effective commercial network can be created.

The antique dealer's promotional letter is a true business letter, although it looks like an advertisement, in terms of content.

The dual role of buyer, as well as seller, is built into the letter, usually as part of the attached materials.

The example here is of a very basic letter. As you can see, this letter is designed to provide a lot of new information to the reader, without undue detail, but concentrating on important sales elements.


Business letterhead



Dear Customer

An invitation to our special showing at our London store

British Antiques Ltd is pleased to announce the acquisition of a large range of new items for discerning antique connoisseurs. As a valued customer, you are invited to view these remarkable new acquisitions at our London store.

Among our recent acquisitions are:

Georgian furniture           52 pieces
Victorian jewelry            134 pieces
Tudor glassware             4 pieces
Queen Anne ceramics     24 pieces

Books- First Editions

Charles Dickens Jack London
Bernard Shaw Mark Twain
Aldous Huxley Liddell Hart
Robert Graves JFC Fuller
George Orwell Sartre

Musical instruments

Piano    Steinway
Violin    Maggini

We're sure you'll appreciate these pieces both as a connoisseur and as a patron of the arts.

Yours sincerely



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