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Examples :: Business Letters :: Acknowledgement of receipt

Letter of acknowledgement of receipt of documents (general purpose)


Your Reference
Our Reference


I acknowledge receipt of your letter / email / (insert name and type of document) of (insert date) regarding ……..

Please be advised that (insert description of necessary processes or matters required to be done) will have to be carried out / done prior to any further action in this matter.

If you have any queries or require any updates on progress of your (document name) please contact me on the above phone number.

Yours sincerely


General note:

Letters of acknowledgement are issued in the following circumstances:

  • Where acknowledgement of receipt is requested by the sender. (In these cases indicate you're acknowledging: As requested, I acknowledge, etc.
  • When receiving important business documents under a compulsory time frame.
  • Where you wish to acknowledge a matter to be in process and indicate when you received the documents or other materials for your records.
  • When valuable documents are received and you're formally notifying the sender of your possession of the documents. (For insurance purposes, it's often a good idea to have these matters recorded properly)


Please note:

  • This text is intended for advisory and guideline purposes only.
  • Any business letter can become a legal document, so check your content properly before issuing.
  • Any executable or statutorily defined document should be checked for compliance with legal requirements, and you should seek legal advice regarding its contents.