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Welcome letters: Tourist resort services

If you're a service provider in a tourist area, a new client is a welcome sight. You need to follow up with a welcoming letter or information sheet.

The customers require information about your services, and in a tourist area some background information doesn't hurt, either.

Note: Any advertisement of services is covered by advertising, business and consumer law.

Whatever your services, whether you're a tour operator, a dry cleaner, or a local garage, you can give your customers a lot of information in one place.

Important: As a service business, it's always useful in tourist areas to put your welcome letter in as many of the local accommodation sites as possible, like hotels, motels, etc. It's a lot cheaper than conventional advertising.

The example below is for a local tour operator. The idea is to advertise the range of services in full. You'll notice various mentions of other businesses in the area, which have reciprocated by distributing the tour operator's welcome letter to their clients.


Welcome to Anywhere! We're the longest running tour operator in the Anywhere area, and we have a reputation to keep up.


The Anywhere Brewery: Twice a day, three hour tours, 10AM to 1PM, including lunch at the Brewery on us, and 2PM to 5PM with an afternoon tea on us. These meals are something special, believe us!

Price: $50 includes meals!

Anywhere Lake: Three times a day, and you'll want to do each one of them, to catch the moods of our magnificent lake. The Anywhere Lake Tourist Center is a great place to eat, and get special local crafts from our native Anywhere folk artists. We pay for the food, so you can come and have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the lake!

Price: $50 includes meals!

Anywhere Bed and Breakfast customers get a 10% discount for these tours, too!

Coming soon: Go Anywhere Tours! You tell us where you want to go! $50 tour, with a meal if you can find one!

Customers please note: Tours must be booked 7 days in advance.