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Third letter reporting problems with a product

Vince Hall
Customer Service Manager
Hometown Grill Company
Hometown MIM

Dear Mr. Hall

I have received your letter dated August 15, which was sent in response to my initial complaint and follow-up letter concerning my problems with a gas grill I had purchased.

In your reply you offer a $25 credit towards the purchase of a new Hometown gas grill of my choice. I honestly find this offer to be an inadequate and nonresponsive answer to a serious problem with your product quality and control. The grill that I have purchased over six months ago has never fully worked properly and had to be taken to a service dealer three times to repair defective parts.

As I have indicated in my two previous letters, both of which are attached, I expect Hometown Grill to replace the defective unit or send me a full refund for the purchase of a grill of equal value.

I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau in my community for advice and obtained information concerning my legal rights as a consumer. If, within two weeks of the date of this letter, I do not receive a satisfactory response as stated above, I will proceed with a legal case under the Lemon Law of Michigan.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Morgan Freed