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Business to business thank you letter

In many cases it's appropriate to send a Thank You letter to another business, for special work or acknowledging their assistance or good service.

This can be a simple acknowledgement, or a more personalized letter referring to particular things.

Generally speaking Thank You letters are more informal, but they're still required to have good quality and content.

In some cases you may wish to give special thanks to individuals, in which case it's best to add those thanks after the general Thank You text.



Our Reference


We'd like to express our deep appreciation of the excellent work and services performed by your staff during our in store promotional campaign.

Their standard of work was terrific. Our people want to extend their thanks to your whole team for this huge effort and the amount of time they put in helping us out.

I'd like to add my personal thanks to you for helping make our promotion such a big success.

Optional text (individuals)

We would particularly like to thank (names) for (description of work) which was truly above any possible expectations.

Optional text (gift in token of appreciation)

We'd like you and your staff to have this gift in token of our appreciation.


Please note:

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