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Sign writer small business promo letter

Sign writing is a trade, and it's a demanding trade, where generating business is often a problem, because of the erratic nature of the work. Not everyone wants a sign written every day, so you have to go looking for work to maintain cash flow.

The key to promotional work is to keep your costs low.

You need a reasonable sized market area for your business, too, so your distribution costs for any promotional work have to be watched.

You need to target your market effectively, with a simple but complete range of services.

You also need to make sure people know what you can do for them:

  • Most shop signs and outdoor signage need a touch up regularly.
  • Many need replacement, in any shopping area.
  • New businesses are often in the market for signs.
  • Some businesses need custom artwork, etc.

So you target your promotional work to the retail shopping areas of your district. Classifieds in the local paper can only achieve so much. Your promotional work is largely to remind people about their signs, and what they need to do.

This example is a letter from a local sign writer to retailers in his area. You'll notice the letter doesn't refer to an addressee in this case. This is a very cheap, simple letter which costs no more than stationery and ink to produce.


Business letterhead



Attention, retailers in the Anywhere district!


Anywhere Signs is a one stop shop for any kind of sign your business needs.

Our range of products

  • Custom artwork business signs for shops
  • Sign repair maintenance and replacement
  • Outdoor signage of all types
  • 7 days a week service
  • Advisory services

You name it, if it can be put on a sign, we can do it, whenever you want it done, the way you want it done.

Give us a ring on the contact phone number, any time.



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