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Security services small business promotional letter

Security services are regulated businesses.

Any promotional material you provide must be in accordance with statutes and the terms of your license.

If you're providing basic security services to small business premises, you will be aware that the businesses are seeking your services with one eye on costs and the other on quality of services.

Generally speaking your target market are retailers, warehouses, and offices. The small business owners want to know what you can do, how much it will cost, and what happens if there's an emergency.

Any promotional materials you issue must be considered terms of trade.

You must only advertise services which are within the terms of your license.

Assuming your basic services are security systems, and personnel acting as either patrols or night watchmen, stick to those basic services.

The best approach is a strictly professional, straightforward letter advertising your services. That's what the client needs to know.

The letter below is from a local security firm to a new retailer in the area. Note that this letter does not specify any services beyond the natural role of a security company.


Business letterhead



Attention: CEO (Name of business)


We're the best known, longest serving security agency in the Anywhere area. We know the area well, and we have well established security and patrol systems in the district.

We have a full range of contracts and services appropriate for retailers, from basic security systems through to full security coverage.

If you'd like to know more about our services, please give us a call on the above contact number.



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