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Returning item under satisfaction guarantee

Customer Service Department
The Cutting Edge
East Weston CT

Dear Customer Service

Just about a year ago this last month I ordered a jacket, which is enclosed in this package, from your catalog. Once I removed the jacket from the box it arrived in, I hung it up in a closet and have never worn it once. In fact, I forgot the jacket was there.

Recently I rediscovered the jacket, and unfortunately either my taste has changed dramatically, or a bad mistake had been made when I placed the order for the jacket. In either case I do not wish to keep the jacket.

In your catalog, you state a guarantee which allows an item to be returned at any time, for any reasonable cause. While I do not have the original paperwork, the tags are still attached to the jacket, and I have enclosed my account number and information for your tracking records.

Can you please credit my account for this ill-fated purchase? I would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Barb Marvel