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Request for a business reference

It's now quite common for references to be required from contractors.

The usual process is for a former contract employee to request a reference detailing standards of work and providing proof of performance.

If applying for a contract, the applicant may refer to previous work. Providing a reference from the former contractor is a useful support for the application.

Your request for a business reference should:

  • Give reasons for the request
  • Specify any particular areas of interest
  • Supply any relevant information regarding the request

The example below is a request from a contractor for confirmation of previous work and the standards of that work.

Business letterhead


Our reference


Request for a business reference

We are presently applying for a new contract with ABCDE Inc for electrical installations.

The terms of the contract application require two business references giving references to our quality of work, contract completion performance, and compliance with statutory OHS requirements.

It would be appreciated if you would provide us with a reference on that basis for on our contract work for your firm on the recent FGHIJ project, which is very similar to the new contract.

Thank you for your consideration,

Yours sincerely



Please note:

  • This text is intended for advisory and guideline purposes only.
  • Any business letter can become a legal document, so check your content properly before issuing.
  • Any executable or statutorily defined document should be checked for compliance with legal requirements, and you should seek legal advice regarding its contents.