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Limited power of attorney

I, Albert Edward Williams, residing at 1500 Street Road, Hometown New York, 00000, hereby appoint Edward Albert Williams as my Attorney-in-Fact to act in my place for the purposes of:
Bill Payment
Medical Emergencies

This limited power of attorney takes effect on the following date: March 7, 2009; and shall continue until December 31, 2015 or before if terminated in writing.

I hereby grant my Attorney-in-Fact full authority to manage and conduct all matters and transactions related to the purposes listed above, and that I ratify all lawful acts that my Attorney-in-Fact performs in exercising those powers.

Any third party who receives a copy of this document is permitted to act under it in regard to the limited purposes stated within. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless a third party for any claims that arise against that third party which was caused by the reliance of this document.

If this power of attorney is revoked, such revocation is not effective upon any third party until that third party has received written notification of such revocation.

This 7th day of March, 2009
State of New York, County of Courtland
Signature of Principal:
Printed Name: Albert Edward Williams
Social Security Number: 000-00-0000

Signature of Attorney-in-Fact:
Name of Attorney-in-Fact:

Notary Public: