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Letter to school board about vacation policy

Hometown Board of Education
Hometown OH

Dear Members of the School Board

I understand that for the coming year, the school board is considering a major change with two of the three vacation periods that are part of the school calendar.

In past years there has been a week off from just before Christmas through the New Year holiday. A second week off was scheduled for winter break in the latter half of February, and a third week for spring break was scheduled for April.

The new proposal would do away with the winter break entirely and instead provide for two weeks off around the Christmas and New Year's period.

In my humble opinion, I think this would be a big mistake. If the purpose of a break is to give families time to spend together, a week from Christmas to New Year's is a sufficient time to see family and friends. If the concern is other religious holidays, they too fall into that same week of time. As far as traveling on a vacation is concerned, this is the least efficient and mot expensive time to travel.

I think that this proposal should be given further consideration. I would be willing to serve on a committee to help investigate options to see if there is a better use of precious time off.

Virginia Snobgrass