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Letter to complain about a flight

Customer Service
Freedom Airlines
Hometown IL

Dear Customer Service Manager

We have been satisfied customers of Freedom Airlines for many years, flying frequently from Pittsburgh to all points around the nation. We have always found your personnel to be very considerate of customers.

It is with that history that I write to you to complain about the cabin crew we flew with on flight #782 from Pittsburgh to Austin on January 28. Something must have gone wrong between two of the cabin attendants before the flight, because the two of them were all but fighting in the aisle.

Food and drink was served about an hour late, and my wife's request for a lemon to put into her soda was answered by a response to tell the other attendant. I heard another couple's request for pillows and blankets rebuked with a reply of being too busy.

I didn't write down the names of the attendants; I'm sure you can determine them from your own records.

I hope this was a one-time problem. We will probably give Freedom Airlines another try on our next trip, but another unpleasant flight will be the last for us with your company.

Max Frier