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Letter suggesting a new high school course

Paul Noman, Ph.D
Hometown High School
Hometown AL

Dear Dr. Noman

I am writing with a suggestion for a new course for Hometown High School. This course would be aimed at helping graduating seniors adjust to the specific demands of college life.

I write this letter from two perspectives - first, as a mother of a student at HHS, and second as a college instructor. As you are aware my daughter, Amy Allen, is an incoming senior and I teach political science at Community University.

With so much of Amy's junior year focused on preparation for her SAT's and ACT's, advanced placement exams, and the college application process, I feel that not enough attention has been given to the effects of college life itself. As a college instructor I can say that college life is very different from high school.

I have seen many very bright and enthusiastic college freshmen overwhelmed with both the academic and social challenges of their first year in a college setting. Most are on their own for the first time and therefore are not well prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with it. The biggest academic challenge is learning how to manage time properly.

I am strongly recommending that HHS develop a course for seniors aimed at giving them needed practical information about their first year of college.

I have many ideas that I would be happy to share with you and the school board. I strongly believe that this type of course would help students prepare for their critical first year of their college careers.

Nina Allen