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Business to business letter regarding service complaint (unjustified complaint)

You will have seen in our Business to Business Letter regarding service complaint from business client piece that service complaints are very important to your business.

However- Not all complaints are justified. You have to check out all service complaints, and you'll find that some, (not all) are simply incorrect or based on incorrect interpretations of information.

Some people make quite false complaints, others simply complain on the basis of information which they don't understand properly. Some receive advice and don't want to accept what they've been told, even when it's correct.

You can make some efforts to clarify situations, and explain advice. You can try to calm down the complainant, even if they're wrong.

In some cases, you'll find you're dealing with a nuisance.

If a person has been correctly served, and has been correctly advised, they don't have much grounds for complaint.

You'll also find your time is being wasted, often in large amounts.

It's advisable to issue a letter addressing the matter and finalizing any issues.



Your Reference
Our Reference

Dear (use full title of the addressee)

Re: Complaint regarding (insert specifics) services provided by this firm

I refer to prior conversations regarding this issue. As previously verbally advised, we have investigated your complaint in detail.

No verifiable grounds for this complaint have been found. According to information provided from yourself and our staff, no material loss or injury to yourself or your interests appears to have occurred.

We therefore see no reason to take any further action in this matter.

Please be advised that no further correspondence, nor staff time, will be devoted to these issues.

I regret your obvious dissatisfaction with the services provided, but this decision is final.

Yours sincerely



Please note:

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