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Letter praising product

Consumer Affairs Department
Fishy Foods
Hometown WA

Dear Consumer Affairs

I should state that I don't normally write a fan letter to a salad dressing manufacturer. But this will be an exception. I purchased a bottle of your Tru-Blue Low-Calorie Homestyle Ranch Dressing this past week; mainly because I have been told to cut back on my caloric intake, and I have always enjoyed your regular homestyle ranch dressing on many foods.

I wanted to point out that, while I expected the product to have the taste of ranch dressing, I was half expecting it to be a watered-down flavor of the original ranch dressing I was used to. I was surprisingly amazed at how much your low-calorie dressing tastes so very close to your regular variety of dressing. If I hadn't known that it was a low-calorie, and fat free, food I would not have guessed by the taste.

Thank you for making this product up to par with the rest of your salad dressing line.

Morgan Freed