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Letter of support for teacher in a dispute

Frank Gardner
Hometown High School
Hometown NJ

Dear Mr. Gardner

I have been told by my son Hank that the school and the school board have become involved in a controversy over the teaching methods and curriculum in a 12th grade English class taught by Mrs. McGuire.

I am aware of the reading list for the class, as my son is in the class, and although I do not agree with all of the choices or ideas expressed by some of the authors, I applaud Mrs. McGuire for challenging the students to think about things that are not a part of their ordinary lives.

As our children near their graduation from high school, one of the most important lessons we must teach them is that they will not always be comfortable with everything and everyone they come across in their life. Mrs. McGuire has always treated his class as young adults and demanded nothing but intelligent thought from them.

He is a very valuable teacher to your school, and to disrupt his course or to lose him would be only detrimental to his students as well as send the wrong message to a group of young adults who are less than a year away from going off to college.

Missy Mann