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Letter of praise for a salesman

Carmen Zurkas, General Manager
Valu-Rite Department Stores
Hometown NY

Dear Mr. Zurkas

I wanted to write to you about the extra effort extended by Marc Halley who works in your electronics department.

My wife and I recently purchased a Sony twenty-four inch television which needed to be replaced after being found defective in our home. We are senior citizens in our eighties and were unable to get the television back to your store for replacement.

It only took a day after your store was made aware of the situation, for Mr. Halley to call us about the problem. Not only did he personally come to our house to retrieve the defective set, but he also brought out a replacement television and set it up for us. He made sure everything worked and showed us how to program the new set with our video player and remotes.

We have always appreciated the prices at your store. Now we can say we also will be praising the customer service as well.

Morgan Freed