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Letter of objection to disciplinary action

Jack Watson
Hometown High School
Hometown AZ

Dear Mr. Watson

I am writing to object to an inappropriate disciplinary action taken by a substitute teacher in Mr. Allen's American Studies class.

The substitute, Ryan Arthur, took charge of the third period class last week. I believe he has been assigned the class for the remainder of the school year while Mr. Allen takes care of personal business.

My daughter Helen tells me that from the moment the class began under the watch of Mr. Arthur, he did not seem to have control and some of the students became very unruly.

While in no way do I condone this behavior in a classroom, I do think Mr. Arthur overreacted when he gave the entire class one week detention and a reduction of five points to every students final grade.

This is an Advanced Placement course, which is very important to the college-bound students who are taking the class.

I am hoping you will discuss this incident further with Mr. Allen and come to a less drastic conclusion. I would be happy to come to the school for a meeting about this matter. I know that a number of other parents and students in the class would also like to attend.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Paula Jones