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Letter of concern about internet safeguards at school

Pam Nelson
Northside High School
Hometown TN

Dear Ms. Nelson

My daughter Amanda is a senior at Northside High School. We are very pleased that the school has upgraded all of its facilities to bring Internet access to the classrooms and the library.

However, as a parent I am very concerned about some of the material, and some of the users, that you can find on the Internet. Here at home we are able to monitor the sites Amanda visits and can set firm rules about the type of information she discloses to people she has met in chat rooms.

I want to know what types of safeguards are in use at the high school. Is there any filtering software in place to prevent access to inappropriate websites? I am aware that the Student Handbook instructs students to notify a teacher if they access this type of information by mistake. I think this is unrealistic and comes too late to prevent being seen by those who should not be finding it at those years of their lives.

Julliet Marvern