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Letter of complaint about school lunch issue

Francis Martin
Hometown Elementary School
Hometown OH

Dear Mr. Martin

Brian is settling in well as a fourth grade student at your school.

I do have one concern which I feel needs to be addressed, about the food offered to the students in the school cafeteria. The choices do not even seem to have any relation to recognized medical studies about such things as excessive fat, sugar and useless junk food.

As an example, a recent menu included fried fish with friend potato nuggets, a hot dog with potato chips, and fried chicken with French fries. The most healthy piece of food seemed to be a small slice of green pepper on top of the cheese pizza.

I don't allow my child to eat this type of food at home, and I don't think it is appropriate for school lunches.

I would very much like to talk to the school dietician about the offerings at the school.

Patty Love