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Letter of complaint about a salesperson

Store Manager
Sarah's Outfitters
Hometown OH

Dear Manager

I have been a frequent customer of your shop for many years since it opened. All of the outfits I've needed for special occasions have come from your store. Until this past week, all of the visits to the store have been pleasant.

On my last visit, I was with my daughter looking for outfits for an upcoming wedding we were attending. She had brought along her two children, ages five and six.

I need to say that from the moment our group entered the store it was made clear that we should have checked the children at the door, or left them outside to play in the parking lot.

Your salesperson, Vivian, was rude and a little condescending with us, as well as visibly unpleasant with the children who now don't like the store at all.

I cannot see in all honesty how I can ever return to your shop after such bad treatment.

Joan Freed