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Letter objecting to fire drill schedule

Jack Jones, Principal
Hometown Elementary School
Hometown MI

Dear Mr. Jones

My daughter, Brenda, is a third grade student at Hometown Elementary. While I fully support the need for practice fire and safety drills, I do object to the lack of thought and insight that went into the latest fire drill of Monday, February 2.

On that morning, the weather forecasters had warned parents throughout the area that their children should be bundled up because of a cold and wet storm passing through. The drive to school that day was messy and somewhat hazardous at times.

When I picked up my daughter from school that afternoon I was amazed to learn that the school had carried out a fire drill at 10 AM, when the storm system was passing through the area. I was told that everyone at the school had been out in the cold and sleet with no outerwear; no gloves, hats, or coats.

Did anyone consider the possibility of postponing the fire drill until a later day? I am certain that the school has enough flexibility in its schedule to accommodate waiting for a better day of weather.

Kevin Miller