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Letter in response from a store about an incident

Joan Freed
Hometown OH

Dear Mrs. Freed

Please accept my most sincere apologies for your unpleasant experience at my store last week. I was embarrassed and upset when I was informed of this situation. This is not what the experience of shopping at Sarah's Outfitters is supposed to be.

I have spoken to Vivian about the incident, and it is clear to her now that in no way will any customers or their children be made to feel unwelcome while in the store.

In order to help ensure that it doesn't happen again, I am remodeling a small storage room at the back of the store to serve as a play area stocked with toys and art supplies for young children while their parents are shopping. By your next visit, I hope to have this room ready to show you.

We do hope you give the store another chance. If you will call me before coming in I would be honored to personally assist you with your purchases for the wedding. I also want to offer a 25% discount to both you and your daughter for those purchases.

Sarah Sidwell