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Letter from tenant to landlord: Maintenance dispute

This is a statutorily defined document.

It relates to residential tenancy law.

Under normal residential leases, maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord. Tenants may not conduct this work themselves, or hire trades people to carry out the work.

Disputes between tenants and landlords about maintenance are common. In some disputes tenants may want to make complaints in writing, to cover their legal entitlements and document the landlord's response.

Any correspondence with a landlord should be factual, and contain only relevant materials.

Correspondence should not be in any way offensive.

This example is of an email from a tenant complaining to a landlord regarding a replacement hot water service, which isn't working. Note that the tenant gives what information is available about the situation.

To:          A Landlord
Subject:   New hot water service not working

Dear (name of landlord)

I'm sorry to have to tell you that the new hot water service has stopped working.

It was OK last night, but there's no hot water this morning. The electricity is on, so it must be the unit. Please advise what arrangements can be made for repairs as soon as possible.



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