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Letter from landlord to tenant: Noise complaint (warning)

This is a statutorily defined document.

It relates to the terms of a residential lease.

Any correspondence must comply with applicable laws.

Under the terms of a residential lease, tenants are usually required not to disturb the peace. Noise complaints from other tenants are sometimes justified, sometimes not.

In most cases, landlords will just notify tenants of the complaint, and remind them of their obligations under the lease. If the case is serious, the landlord has the option to consider eviction.


Tenants have basic legal rights, and are innocent until proven guilty. Landlords should exercise caution in dealing with complaints of this kind. It's quite possible to lose a paying tenant on the basis of a mere accusation.

The example below is based on a complaint in which one tenant complained about another's noise. None of the other tenants complained, nor did the neighbors. The landlord isn't impressed, but has notified the tenant of the complaint, and given a warning.


(Business letterhead)


Our reference


Complaint received regarding unacceptable noise from (full residential address)

A complaint has been received regarding noise from the above premises on the morning of 1 January 2009.

Please note that tenants are obliged under the terms of the lease to respect the peace of other tenants and neighbors. Failure to do so does constitute a breach of terms of the lease.

In this case, no other complaints from tenants or neighbors were received, so no action is considered to be required. You are however requested to be mindful of the sensitivities of other tenants.

If you have any queries regarding our policies or terms of the lease, please contact our residential property managers on the above phone number or email.

Yours sincerely