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Business to business letter declining acceptance of goods under contract

This is a legal document relating to a contract.

It relates to your obligations to pay for goods.

It may be used as evidence in a legal action.

If you decline to accept goods, you also decline payment. Therefore you must be clear and specific about the reasons for declining acceptance.

Always refer to order numbers, specific goods, and the reasons for non acceptance.

Do NOT include any offensive or objectionable remarks.

In bold type are matters which have direct legal implications.

Make sure all references are included, and that references to the contract of supply are correct.



Your Reference
Our Reference


Declined acceptance of received goods

I refer to the shipment of Spanish pottery delivered on (date).

Acceptance of these goods in accordance with our contract for supply was refused on the following grounds:

  • Many pieces were chipped and in unsalable condition.
  • As these pieces were parts of sets of pottery, their sets were incomplete.
  • Several pieces were broken.

Please see the list from the order sheet, detailing the condition of these defective items.

Please be advised that under the terms of (quote clause number) of the contract for supply of goods this company is not obliged to pay for defective materials supplied.

Please also be advised that under (quote clause number) of the contract of supply, any future delivery of materials in this condition may result in termination of the contract.

If you wish to discuss these matters, please contact me on the above contacts.

Yours sincerely



Please note:

  • This text is intended for advisory and guideline purposes only.
  • Any business letter can become a legal document, so check your content properly before issuing.
  • Any executable or statutorily defined document should be checked for compliance with legal requirements, and you should seek legal advice regarding its contents.