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Letter confirming moving arrangements

Jackie Horner, Relocation Agent
Ace & Acme Better Moving Company
Hometown PA

Dear Ms. Horner

I am writing this letter to confirm in writing our arrangements for the moving of our belongings from the apartment in Hometown OH to the Better Storage Center in Hometown PA. Any arrangements for this move should be made through the Human Resources Department of Paxar Technologies. The final billing for this move is to be sent to the Billing Department of Paxar Technologies.

As per our phone conversation, the agreement between us is that the moving van will be at the apartment in Ohio on the 13th of March around 8:30 A.M. Your crew will pack our belongings onto the truck with our supervision. Then our stuff will be shipped to the storage center and loaded into the storage unit. We will receive a key for the storage unit from your office within two days of our arrival. The address you are sending the key to is 500 Fair Road in Hometown PA.

Please advise us if there is any change to this agreement before the 13th of March.

Robert Anthony

Cc: Rudy Stanford
Human Resources Department
Paxar Technologies