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Letter concerning starting a memorial scholarship fund

Dear Members of the Hometown Senior Center

It has been almost one year since Kevin Abbott passed away. As all of you may know Kevin was one of the persons responsible for this center.

Through sheer determination and hard work, Kevin and those who gathered around him brought life to this center. We owe a lot to Kevin, he was smart, kind, and on a personal note, one of my oldest and best friends. There are many who miss him every day.

Kevin was mostly self-taught. After serving in Vietnam he had to go to work in order to support the widow of his brother and young nephew. He built a successful cargo company here in our community.

All through the years, he was an avid reader and was always encouraging young people to stay in school. Those of our generation who go back to school and learn as much as possible are also grateful for his words of advice.

We have decided to set up a scholarship fund at the high school in his name. We anticipate this to be a yearly gift to a deserving senior. We are sure this is something Kevin would have been proud of, and is a fitting reminder of his appreciation of learning.

We have allocated $3,000 from the community service fund from the senior center and a group of us have contributed several thousand dollars more for the initial endowment for the scholarship fund. We would be happy to accept additional donations. Please make your checks payable to the Kevin Abbott Scholarship Fund and send them along to me at the senior center.

Incidentally the lawyer who has volunteered his time to help us with the technical issues is Kevin's nephew Andrew.

In Kevin's memory, I am

Sincerely yours
Harvey Grace
Hometown Senior Center