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Letter concerning error on newspaper delivery invoice

Circulation Department
Hometown News
Hometown NH

Dear Circulation Department

This is in reference to the following account:

Marvin Harris
500 Street Road, Apt. 5
Hometown NH

I have just received in the mail my bill for the next months newspaper delivery. Currently I receive the paper on Saturday and Sunday only as this is the only real time I have to read the newspaper. I have enjoyed the paper for about a year.

This latest invoice shows an upgrade to seven day delivery at near double the cost. I did not order, nor do I wish to have delivery of the newspaper every day of the week. Not only would this clutter up my house, but it would be an unnecessary cost to me.

I would like to remain a customer of the Hometown News, but only for the Saturday and Sunday delivery as I have had for the past year. Please send me a new invoice reflecting the proper subscription rates for weekend service.

Marvin Harris