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Business to business letter concerning change of email/mobile contact details

It's very common for businesses to change contact details like email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and other basic information.

It's also very easy to lose contact with business clients, in the process. If you work on the net, or largely through electronic media, this can be a real problem. Email accounts can be deleted, and a lot of information lost. Mobile phone numbers can change from plan to plan.

The best way to avoid loss of contacts is to create a distribution list on your existing email account. This is quite easy to do, and will make sure you can send your information quickly and efficiently to your clients and contacts.

Remember to check all details of new contact numbers for accuracy before sending.

Example of email

Change of email / mobile phone number


Please be advised that as of (insert date) the new email address for this business will be: (insert full new email address)

Yours sincerely



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