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Examples :: Business Letters :: Letter accompanying repair bills sent to insurance company

Letter accompanying repair bills sent to insurance company

William Ash
Acme Insurance Company
Hometown OH

Re: Homeowners Policy # 0000-0000-000
                          Claim # 0000-000-00000-00

Dear Mr. Ash

This is in regards to the insurance claim made after our unfortunate incident when a car plowed into our front porch. As you are aware, your insurance adjuster inspected our property and assessed the damage. We were allowed to have the damage repaired by a local company and instructed to submit their bills to you for payment.

Please find enclosed the copies of the invoices for the work which is now concluded. You will find one for the general contractor, one for the roofer, and one for the landscape company. The total for all repairs came to $5,769.

Please let us know if there is any further information you need to help settle this claim.

Again, thank you for all of your staff's assistance and consideration.

Walter Mast