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Invitation letter to businesses for high school job fair

Dear Business Owner

Once again our community high school will be hosting the annual job fair at the gymnasium. This year's job fair will be held on Friday February 27, from 10 AM until noon.

For many of you, this has been a great opportunity over our previous ten years and we hope to repeat that again this year. Once again there is an impressive group of students which can be a great asset to your seasonal, and long term, needs.

To participate in this years event, please contact the school secretary, Ms. Pathway, to reserve a spot to join us this year. Also mention what your space requirements will be so that we can plan accordingly. We will be providing tables and chairs and will make attempts to fill any special requests you may have. Please reserve your spot by February 16 to guarantee a spot.

Thanks again for your participation.

Brian Mathers
Hometown High School