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Example of How to do a Quitclaim Deed

A quitclaim deed removes or adds someone to the title of a home or property. This is commonly required when a couple gets married and one needs to be added to a property or when someone loses interest in a property and needs to be removed from a title.


  1. Research quitclaim deed information in your state by visiting the local library or book store for more information on the specific procedures within your state. There are books available that contain blank forms and sample quitclaim deeds. Research the information that is necessary for a quitclaim deed in your state.
  2. Purchase a blank quitclaim deed form from a local office-supply store or book store.
  3. Fill out the blank quitclaim deed form as legibly as you can, avoiding spelling and factual errors. These errors can invalidate the deed and you will have to start over.
  4. To add people to the title, list each person as a Grantee. Do not forget to list the names of all current owners as Grantees, unless they are being removed from the title.
  5. To remove people from the title, simply omit their name from the list of Grantees.
  6. List all current property owners as Grantors.
  7. All Grantors must meet at the office of a notary public to sign the quitclaim deed. The notary public must witness the signing of all Grantors names.
  8. The quitclaim deed must then be notarized and you should make copies to keep as a record for your files. Submit the quitclaim deed to the county's clerk and recorder's office and record the deed. Most states require a small fee for recording the quitclaim deed.
Example of Quit Claim Deed
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