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Example of Hardship Letter

A hardship letter is a formal letter to an institution, financial organization or company providing services to the writer of the letter, explaining financial difficulties. The letter is usually required to document circumstances in order for the organization to take remedial action.

Hardship letters may request specific remedies:

  • Release of monies held by the recipient.
  • Time to pay debts or bills
  • Alter or reschedule payments
  • Waiver of fees or other payments in discretionary situations

Examples of Hardship Letter:

Dear Sir or Madam


I refer to the above credit card account, which is now overdue as a result of a financial situation beyond my control. Please find enclosed a statement from my bank in relation to non-payment of monies owing to me regarding this situation. I would appreciate your consideration of a rescheduling of payments due on this basis, as this matter has created considerable difficulties. I would also appreciate a waiver of penalty fees, if possible.

Yours sincerely,