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Follow-up letter to bus company about bus route change

Harvey Alwood, Manager
Community Transit Authority
Hometown PA

Dear Mr. Alwood

I want to thank you for your response to my suggestion for a change in the route of Bus 10 to include a stop at the Fairview Senior Apartment Tower.

You wrote that a survey you took did not indicate there would be enough of a ridership to justify Bus 10 coming here.

In response, I am enclosing a signed petition of sixty-one residents of the apartment complex asking for such a service. If each of the signers were to ride the bus just once a week, by my calculations that would be the equivalent of filling the bus.

If I may make a suggestion; since most of the residents here would want to use the bus during off-peak hours, from around 10 AM to 4 PM, then perhaps the route could be adjusted for just that period of time. This would avoid any delays during the morning and evening commuter rush hours.

Please let us know if this suggestion helps.

Ben Hancock