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First letter reporting problems with a product

Customer Service Department
Hometown Grill Company
Hometown MI

Dear Customer Service

In May of this year, I bought one of your grills, model #849 from the local garden center. I am enclosing a copy of the receipt of purchase.

I brought it home to use that day. From the start, the grill did not work properly. Among the failures I have seen are the connecting pipe from the gas tank to the burner coming loose, the burner itself had a faulty ignition switch, and after three uses, the glass viewing window cracked under pressure from the heat. This past weekend the hinges holding the lid to the grill came loose, and the lid almost fell off of the grill.

Your terms of sale state that unsatisfactory working grills should be taken to an authorized dealer for repair. I have done this three times with each trip taking a roundtrip of about 25 miles with a loss of the grill for about a weeks time.

I would like the Hometown Grill Company to retrieve this grill and replace it with a working model, or send me a check for the cost of a replacement grill of equal value. I am willing to give your product another opportunity, provided your customer service matches your return policy.

Morgan Freed