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Fax documents example

The fax is used as a fast moving hard copy of a document. It's important in business as a form of evidence, documenting urgent business situations.

The fax has its limitations, and print quality tends to be indifferent. The important thing about faxes is that they do have a very useful function, and the documents have to be usable when received.

Business fax messages consist of:

  • A cover sheet
  • A letter or attached documents
  • The fax form should state the number of pages being sent.

For the sake of clarity, it's advisable to use a standard business letter format as the attachment.

Use standard size stationery for attachments.

The fax cover sheet information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • To: Recipient's name
  • From: Sender's name
  • Sender's phone number
  • Sender's fax number
  • Subject description
  • Message text

Leave at least one line between each heading.

Use tabs to set up an easily read form, properly aligned.


Date    21 July 2010

Time:   14:10 EDST

To:     D. Sire, Anywhere Bakery

From:   F. Amished, Anywhere Catering Services

Subject:   Birthday cakes for next month

Pages:    2




We've got a lot of orders for large birthday cakes next month. We will need 120 cakes by the 7th of August. Please find attached our order, which being so much larger than usual, we've sent you this fax to give you as much advance notice as possible.

If you need any further information, or want to arrange for special delivery methods, please give me a call


F. Amished
Sales Manager
Anywhere Catering Services