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Employers performance agreement (review) example

After the period stated in the original Performance Agreement, the agreement is reviewed. The Performance Review is a process directly related to the Performance Agreement. Therefore it's necessary for the employee to agree to the findings of the review.

The process is formal, based on the terms of the performance agreement. Stated goals and performance indicators are checked against statistical records and other measures.

Because of the need for quality assessment, each of the agreement's criteria receives an evaluation based on standards of performance.

Employers please note:

  • Realistic assessments of each of the criteria are essential.
  • If any factors impact on performance, they should be recognized.
  • When designing a performance review, it's necessary to have a series of criteria for assessment for each element the original Performance Agreement.
  • Performance review standards need to be flexible (using things like KPI bandwidths is often appropriate) and properly attuned to the nature of the tasks.
  • The Recommendations process relates to deficiencies in performance and suggested measures for remedy.
  • The Resources section of the performance review relates to materials, training, or other requirements for implementation of recommendations.
  • The Development section of the performance review concerns future training needs or other considerations.

The example below is drawn from our Employers Performance Agreement example, to show the continuity in the process. Note the comments regarding specific performance relative to agreed performance indicators. The performance review occurred after a hectic period in which the employee was engaged in other duties.

Please note: This is a very simple example, to illustrate the basic elements of performance reviews. Degrees of difficulty in performance assessment and requirements for proper documentation occur in direct relationship to complexity of the job.



Employee Name
Supervisor Name
Period of Agreement

Performance Indicators

DutiesAgreed Performance IndicatorsActual Performance RecordedComments
Call centre inquiries
Number of calls per day 145 - 175 per day106 - 157 bandwidth Employee staff training affected results
Timed period of inquiries5 minutes per inquiry225 calls over preset timesLarge numbers of complaints affected results
Administration duties
Forms processing150 - 250 per week120 - 275 per week Employee staff training affected results
Correspondence 80 - 120 per week90 -300 per weekVery high volume correspondence due to renewals
Counter inquiries100 - 120 per week90 - 146 per weekEmployee staff training affected results

Performance according to standards

Under the terms of the Performance Agreement, the position holder is responsible for performing all duties and tasks to the professional standards of quality set by management.

Supervisor's comments:

The employee has performed excellent high quality work throughout the period. Although engaged in training inquiries staff, KPIs were exceeded in all administrative bandwidths, including more than double the KPI requirement for weekly correspondence. The employee's performance was directly responsible for meeting section targets for this period.


Not applicable.


Not applicable.


Supervisor training course.

Manager's comments

I agree with and confirm the supervisor's comments. The standard of performance was exceptionally high, and sustained throughout the period of the Performance Agreement. Supervisor training is a positive initiative which is a natural development from this standard of performance.

The information contained in this document is derived from company records and other sources of information. Signatories affirm that this information is accurate and properly reflects employee performance.

Employee signature

Supervisor signature

Approved by Manager