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Employer notice of termination of contract employment

This is a statutorily defined document.

A notice of termination of contract is covered by the provisions of employment and / or contract law.

Do not include any text or information which could be actionable or objectionable.

Seek legal advice if you're unsure.

Terminations of contract are covered under the terms of the contract. There is no need, usually, to give a reason for termination beyond the terms of the contract.

Employers are strongly advised not to add any information or comments beyond citing the contract terms.


Your Reference
Our Reference


Notification of termination of contract

You are hereby notified that your contract of employment will be terminated as of (insert date).

This notice is given pursuant to (insert reference to relevant clause of contract) of the contract of employment.

By the above date, you are requested to :

  • Finalize all outstanding matters under contract.
  • Return all company materials and goods supplied for use under the contract terms.
  • Provide a statement of any outstanding monies payable under the terms of the contract prior to the date of termination.

Please be advised this decision for termination is final, and no dispute will be considered.

You may wish to consider obtaining independent legal advice concerning this notice.