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Email do's and don'ts example

Because email is a message medium, it's not intended to be much longer than a normal page. The most effective email is a basic text with a link or attachment if necessary.

Writing your email: Do's

  • Stay on topic. Use paragraphs to break up subjects.
  • Break up text for easier reading. A few lines at a time is enough.
  • Use links only where necessary in text.
  • Always check spelling and grammar. Just reread quickly as if you were speaking.
  • Use standard business fonts, preferably medium size. 10 or 12 point fonts, not the smaller sizes. Some email software can't read other fonts.
  • Paste text from Word if it's easier for you to write and edit that way.
  • When sending a business email, make sure it looks like a business email. People can mistake anything for spam, so give good presentation.
  • Use formal language in any business email. Anything else will not be appreciated by people who have to read it.

Writing your email: Don'ts

  • Don't include large numbers of links. Too many can put the reader off.
  • Don't use graphics to any great extent in your message. Like fonts, some software can't read them.
  • Don't do lengthy emails. More isn't better, and can confuse readers. Be thoughtful about how you express your message, and go for briefer emails.
  • Don't use all upper case. It's bad etiquette, and means you're yelling at the reader.
  • Don't use text language, ever, in any business message. It looks absurd, and reduces the credibility to the message.
  • Don't send anything without checking it. Errors are easy enough, and you'll usually find something.

The examples below are of the extreme Dos and Don'ts of email messages. They're brief, but you can see why we're saying check what you send. The Don'ts example is in a font the reader's email can't read properly.

The Do example: Dear Mr. Smith

I'm the new Anywhere district sales representative of Arthur Mallory Books. I'm currently looking for retailers in the area for our range of reference books.

You can see our range of books online at www.mallorybooks.com .

We're offering 10-50% discount prices compared to the online prices to retailers. This includes our range of software packages and mixed media upgradeable libraries. We also sell on consignment, if you prefer that method.

Please contact me by email or phone if you're interested in these offers.

Yours sincerely

A. King

Sales Manager
Arthur Mallory Books
Phone 2234 5558

The Don't example:

Dear Retailer

I&#m Anywhere district sales representative of Arthur Mallry Books.

U can see our range of books online @ www.mallorybooks.com .

We*%$re offering 10-50% prices compared 2 the online prices.
Please contact em by email or phone if you##%re interested in these offers.

Your sincerely

A. King

Sales manager
Arthur Mallory Books
Phone 2234 5558