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Email business letters example

Email business letters use the same medium as the basic business message.

But they're a more complex form of communication, and don't really fit the message format. Unless the letter is particularly brief, a standard business letter should be used as an attachment.

The most useful thing about a business letter as an attachment is quality. Using a standard macro, things like references and other information which would normally be in a hard copy letter are naturally included.

Some people use PDFs of their business letterhead or other documents as attachments, which protects the document from tampering and gives good presentation.

Note: It's standard practice to refer to attachments in the message text, and include any notes for the reader's reference.


To:                    Ted Rice
From:                Harry Curry
Subject:            Business dinner arrangements
Attachments:   Desserts catalog.pdf

Message text

Dear Ted

I'm happy to say we've just introduced a new menu which may be of interest to you and your guests. The attached document is a whole range of desserts, which wasn't on our menu when you made your orders. Do have a look and see if there's anything you'd like included.


Harry Curry