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Email basic business message example

Email is the best and most efficient way of sending a lot of information at once, and keeping everything properly organized.

A basic message is brief, to the point, and communicates well.

This sort of message is often extremely useful in keeping up to date with changing situations and dealing quickly with business.

The email message is comprised of:

  • A recipient's address line, (To:)
  • The sender's name (From:)
  • A subject line
  • An attachments box with named attachments
  • Message text

The message text

Styles of message vary considerably, but the business email is a working document, and information must be clearly laid out for the reader.


Some people use electronic signatures, with their name and title, others use informal sign offs. It's a matter of preference, but normal courtesy is required.

DON'T use large masses of text.

Use headings, or separate subjects, but make sure it's easily readable.

A business email is a form of business letter, and must be written that way.


To:                   Harry Curry
From:               Ted Rice
Subject:            Business dinner arrangements
Attachments:   Guest's names.doc

Message text

Dear Harry

Please find attached my list of guests for the scheduled dinner on 10th February. Thank you very much for your prompt attention to our booking arrangements, it is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Ted Rice
Anywhere Accountants Association