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Example of Ebay Feedback Letter

An Ebay feedback letter is provides information to other Ebay customers about a trader's reputation and quality of service. Through an Ebay feedback letter you can express your opinion on the progress and end result of your Ebay transaction. Leaving feedback is an important part of the buying and selling community that is Ebay. Your feedback will be viewed by other Ebay members and can leave a lasting message to other buyers about that trader, good or bad.

A few tips to remember when leaving Ebay feedback
  • It is your choice whether or not to leave Ebay feed back, you are not required to
  • Ebay feedback should be short, concise and factual
  • Factual information includes:
    • Delivery time, fast or slow
    • Overall quality of the item, method of packaging
    • Trader's helpfulness during the transaction
  • Once you leave feedback, you can change it - be sure of what you are writing
  • Try to resolve any issues with the trader before leaving negative feedback
  • Do not use slanderous or libelous wording, you can be sued

Example Ebay Feedback

Positive Feedback

'Item was packaged and set promptly; I received the [item] within 4 days of payment.'

'Very fast and prompt service, from [Trader's Ebay ID], thank you very much!'

'Item was received exactly as described'

Negative Feedback

'Item was received damaged, tried contacting the [Trader's ID] over several weeks but have yet to receive a response.'

'Item was poorly packaged and received some minor scuff marks. Item is still usable but is not in new condition as described.'