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Dry cleaner info sheet

Dry cleaners deal with a clientele which is based on customer satisfaction, competition and prices. Promotional materials have to deal primarily with the competition and price elements.

It's not that easy to promote a dry cleaning service to the general public. Most dry cleaning business is based on location, and customers are always either local people or people who work in the area.

The best way to target customers, for a dry cleaner, is an all purpose promotional information sheet. It's cheap, it's easily manageable, and it can be used to target the immediate local area, where most of the customers originate.

The dry cleaner's info sheet can be used as a letter drop, given to customers at point of sale, or simply handed out in the shopping area.

The important thing is that your info sheet gives a full list of services and prices.

For dry cleaners, the additional services are important selling points.

This is really about making your business stand out compared to others. A dry cleaner who does mending and alterations will get more business than one who doesn't. Someone who cleans leather will get high value customers who may also become repeat customers.

The example below is a dry cleaner in a mall. He's made a point of dropping off his info sheet to all the other shops, and has a staff member giving out his promotional materials every Saturday. Terms of delivery of service are included.

Shop 12 Anywhere Shopping Mall
Phone: 2234 4445
Email: naqdc@gmail.com

Four shirts                        $8
Three pairs of pants          $9
Three sweaters                 $9
Two suits                         $9
Full matching suit/pants     $8
Any three shirt/pants         $7

Mending   24 hour mending, all business garments

Alterations   48 hour alterations, all business garments

Leather cleaning  $20 leather jackets
                           $10 leather skirts

Wedding dresses   $50 all wedding dresses

Customers please note: The terms of trade and times quoted relate to our working days, Monday to Saturday. 24 hours therefore relates to the next working day.