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Demand to make good on bad check

Allen Leonard
1500 Street Road
Hometown MD

Dear Mr. Leonard

This notice is in regard to a check which has been returned to our bank as refused because of insufficient funds in your account for payment of the following:

Check Number: 1001
Bank: First Hometown Community Bank
Date Issued: March 7, 2009
Date Received: March 10, 2009
Amount: $147.50

We would like you to advise us as to how you intend to rectify the amount payable with this check. There are also bounced check charges in the amount of $30 which have been levied. If there is a problem in paying the amount due, please contact us so that we may work on a solution to resolve this matter.

If we do not hear from you within 15 days from the date of this letter, we shall be forced to proceed with legal action against you for collection of the amount due, as well as any legal fees incurred by us.

John Balliet
Collections Manager
Acme Stores Incorporated