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Delinquent account- Notice of collection procedures


Dear Sir or Madam:

Account number/reference:
Contact details
Date of letter:

Delinquent Account- Notice of Collection Procedures

I refer to prior correspondence regarding outstanding payments due on your account.

(Note: If payment has already been made and is in process, you may disregard this notice.)

In accordance with our terms of sale, we shall proceed to take action for collection of these outstanding monies within 10 calendar days from the date of this letter if payment has not been received.

If you would like to discuss terms of payment, or wish to dispute the payments due, please contact the writer directly on the above contact number or email.

Yours sincerely


Optional final clause:

In view of your excellent record as a client, we would be happy to discuss any alternative arrangements you may wish to make regarding payment. Please contact the writer on the if you have any queries in this regard.