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Customer surveys example

Customer surveys are a very important, first hand contact with the realities of your business. It's a form of market research.

This kind of survey is now given a lot of emphasis in business training, and with good reason. Customer surveys are raw data, direct from the market. You can learn a lot about your customers, and a lot about your business, with just a few questions.

The more you focus on information you really need, the better. Don't ask vague questions or 'What's your favorite color?' types of questions. The need is for usable information.

You can ask direct questions on customer surveys, and get 'Yes or No' answers when you need them. A scale of 1 to 10 answer isn't a 'Yes or No'. If you're asking a question like 'Do you think our store should sell

Multiple choice can be misleading. Use direct questions where possible when you need direct answers, and don't want to have to 'interpret' the results.

Customer surveys should:

  • Be easy to read 12 point fonts
  • Be interesting
  • Ask direct questions
  • Be well laid out with some space between questions
  • Be brief, but able to get all relevant information
  • Relate directly to important customer issues
  • Allow space for personal comment from customers
  • Speak directly to the shoppers

The example is for a shopping mall. The mall is trying to increase shop rental sales and is asking what people want, so they have an idea of which shops are likely to be successful.



We're currently researching what sorts of new shops we need in the Anywhere Shopping Mall to improve our range of shopping opportunities.

Please feel free to tell us what sort of businesses, services, or products you'd like to see.

Tick next to the choices which appeal to you.

Use the comments spaces to tell us what you want.

Question 1. Shops and businesses

Would you like to see:

  • A pet shop
  • A delicatessen
  • A hardware shop
  • A licensed club
  • A computer games/electronics store
  • A health store
  • A bank
  • A gym
  • An opportunity shop


Question 2. Services

In your opinion, does the Anywhere Shopping Mall need:

  • A full service medical centre
  • Podiatrist
  • Dentist
  • Chiropractor
  • Pediatrician
  • A key cutting service
  • A laundry
  • Appliance repairs


Question 3. Amenities

We're very interested in providing shopper with top quality amenities. These are some of the current options we're looking at for Anywhere shoppers.

A women's rest centre
A children's playground
A garden and safe zone with facilities for kids

Question 4. Your opinion

Tell us what you want to see improved in the mall. What needs to be better? What do you think would make shopping more efficient, and more interesting and more fun? Would you like to see changes to the parking area, or just general improvements?

Thanks for your time and your comments,

Anywhere Shopping Mall management


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