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Contract plumber promo letter

Plumbing is a licensed trade.

The license details should be shown on all business materials.

For plumbers, business isn't a matter of moving from one leaky tap to another. The plumbing business, like all others, is based on cashflow, and the best cashflow is from contracts.

The contract plumber's promotional letter is targeted to specific business opportunities. A classic example would be the contract plumbing job for a large real estate company, doing maintenance on rental properties.

That's a particularly valuable contract, and to get it, the plumber must be highly competitive, and able to deal with such a large workload. The conditions of the contract may include emergency services, and 24 hour service.

The plumber, therefore, designs his promotional materials to offer services that he's able to provide under contract conditions.

The example below is of a local plumber, whose firm specializes in high rise apartment plumbing. He wants a contract for a particular building which has 200 apartments. The building is corporate strata title, and the letter is addressed to the company's building manager. This letter is a first contact letter, with no prior representations made to the management.


The Building Manager
Stratos Towers


Dear Sir or Madam:

High Rise Plumbing Services: Contract Plumbing

We offer contract plumbing services to major apartment complexes in the Anywhere area. We specialize in these buildings, and provide 24 hour and emergency plumbing services on a needs basis.

We also offer significant savings on contract terms, relative to ad hoc calls for services. Our work is backed by a 60 day no questions asked guarantee on all repairs and installations.

A draft copy of our standard contract is attached for your information. The terms of this contract can be modified to meet the client's needs.

Please contact us on the above phone number or email, if you require further information or would like to discuss our business services.

Yours sincerely



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